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I'll have this page up and running soon! You will see!!! Oh yes, you will.
Character Description
Rowan (AKA Bandana Girl) Uh... Well I suppose this character is supposed to be me. When I first started this little project I didn't ever think anything would come of it so I didn't reall plan for Characters. Though I have loveingly adopted this character as me and have imbue my personality as best I can to this quirky individual!...
Frank Stuff to come
Bologna Boy AkA The Ladderman! He is one awesome dude, for an old guy. He can sling a ladder (or an entire tailer load full) with the best of them. He's a good friend and a great joker ;) He's a joy to work with!
Touque Boy stuff to come
Rotty (who in the future will be referd to as Twenty... I think) stuff to come
Gizmo Kitty gooball! Yay!
Shiva Rawr! This is one hissy kitty with a bad attitude. Makes for fun times poking at her though:D
Potted Plant One of a kind. He will be sorely missed. He and Shiva had a rivalry going for as long as Shiva has been with us. Potted Plant finally had his last run in with Shiv in 2009. I miss his presance on the top of my fridge, lazy good for nothing, collect dust, make me water him... argitty rawrgitty plant. ...Sigh...
Count Spatula I vant to suck your...batter? Vampire Spatula at his finest.
Encycloarythesadictionpediasaurus Cloe for short. Book Wyrm
Retro Dancing fool and take out king
Dave the Barbarian Rarwgitty!
Glasses Guy Taking "S.M.R.T." to a whole-nother-level
Smiley Cheeks Fun
Tom stuff to come